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reddevilpoes's Journal

16 June
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I am an avid reader of Supernatural fanfic, though I started out on Torchwood. i love their stories, romantic, fluff, and slash (and for SPN I really like theAlpha/beta/omega fics. Not too angsty though. had/have enough of that in my own life. Need to get away from time to time. By now a story is forming in my head. Might try to write it one day. My only problem is that I can't keep a straight line in my stories, have to find a way of controlling my jumping thoughts. At least i have thought of a handle to start the stories on...they might prove a guideline. And English being not my native language might be a bit of a challenge. Then again...maybe not.
HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE: my first fic is up...I have some more half-written and if the comments are not too harsh, I will finish those and post until my inspiration runs dry.
cats(the fluffy ones, david tennant, doctor who, gareth david-lloyd, hosta's (plants), john barrowman, not the musical..though), singing., smurfs, supernatural!!!!!!!, torchwood